• Safety and Security Paramount in WFISD Schools

    Cutting-edge entryways safeguard students


    Courtesy of the 2015 school bond, Wichita Falls ISD schools are undergoing renovations to make them safer and more secure.


    New construction at the school entrances will provide secure vestibules to allow school staff to screen anyone who enters. State-of-the-art security systems will help school staff monitor  activities throughout the building.


    Both are part of a $500,000 initiative to create safer schools that was included in the recent 2015 $59.5 million school bond, which voters passed in May 2015.


    New entryways will funnel visitors into each school’s front office before allowing them access to the rest of the building.


    Such entries are already in place at Kirby Middle School, McNiel Middle School and Haynes Northwest Academy.


    Entry renovations will come soon to several of the District’s schools, including Wichita Falls High School, Rider High School, Franklin, Fowler, Burgess and West Foundation.


    The District is also installing high tech video camera surveillance systems throughout its buildings. The systems give principals a bird’s-eye view of hallways and doorways to increase security throughout their facility.


    One of the first systems was installed at Haynes Northwest Academy. Its 12 monitors and simple computerized operation allow the school principal to be everywhere at once in the building and keep a vigilant eye on student activity.


    WFISD schools now lock all school doors at 8:30 a.m. Visitors are channeled through one open door that leads directly to the school office. There, visitors show a driver’s license and ID, receive a badge, and are ushered to specific areas of the school.