• Long-Awaited Memorial Stadium Renovations Complete


    Parking lot of pot holes repaired, restriped; bathrooms updated


    WFISD recently completed a much-needed renovation at its Memorial Stadium as part of its $59.5 million slate of bond projects. 


    The stadium parking lot that had been criticized for years for its potholes was repaired and restriped, a project that cost $2.59 million. 


    The District laid a two-inch asphalt overlay throughout the parking area, the 40-foot drive that circled the stadium, and the three main drives: W.D. Dub Largin Lane, Connell Crosslin Drive and Morris Mercer Ave.


    The project also included an update of the Memorial Stadium bathrooms and a new six-inch water service.


    The project was more expensive than the $1.75 million budget specified in the bond, but Superintendent Mike Kuhrt said it was necessary to get the proper results.