• JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) is a high school level military-function class designed to motivate young people to be better citizens. In JROTC, the cadet is taught everything from marching to first aid, and motivation to dedication. They are taught discipline and respect, and are taught how to be an all-round better American.

    A cadet may earn rankings by completing tests and sequences. Once a cadet has reached a certain level, the SAI (Senior Army Instructor) will give rank advancements based on achievements, determination, and their participation in JROTC.

    Each cadet is issued a uniform, which they are required to wear every uniform day (generally Wednesdays).



    Being a Cadet in JROTC, however, does not mean you have to join any branch of the military. If a JROTC Cadet does choose to enlist, they have a better understanding of the military as well as being able to join as a higher rank.

    JROTC is an exciting program where a cadet can interact and involve themselves with others, experience new challenges, and learn new skills. We welcome students who are willing to put in the effort, and hope to see you in JROTC Land!



    For more information about the Wichita Falls  School JROTC, contact Major Gonzalez

    sagonzalez@wfisd.net  or  (940)235-1087



    Hello I am the JROTC Senior Army Instructor Welcome to The Coyote Battalion

    Name: Major Saul Gonzalez
    Email Address: sagonzalez@wfisd.net
    Phone number: 940-285-1087

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