2016-17 Commemorative 125th year anniversary yearbook is coming! Purchase yours now by clicking on the following link: 
    http://www.yearbooksforever.com or scan the QR code!



    Have you taken awesome pictures at school events or sports and would like to see them in the yearbook? Upload pictures to the WFHS community page by clicking on the banner below. Code is WFHS.
    (Note: not all pictures will be featured in the yearbook) 
    Calling all pet owners...we want pictures of you an your pet!
    Generations page...have you, your mom, and grandma all attended WFHS? Take a pic and send it too us! 
    Community Upload
    Adviser: Heather Zimny
    Email Address: hzimny@wfisd.net
    Phone number: 940- 235-1084 Ex. 32056