• Hello ! Welcome to Physics!

    Dorene Baker
    Email Address: dbaker@wfisd.net
    Phone number: 235-1084


    Quick Links
    • AP Physics 1 textbook: www.mypearsonlab.com
    • AP Physics 2 textbook: www.mypearsonlab.com
    • AP Physics C textbook:www.mypearsonlab.com


    General information:
     My schedule:
    1st period:  AP Physics 1
    2nd Period: PACE
    3rd period:  conference
    4th period:  AP Physics C
    5th period:  Honors Physics
    6th period:  Honors Physics
    7th period:  AP Physics 1
    8th period:  Honors Physics 
     In AP classes, 70% of the average is based on tests and 30% is based on daily grades including homework, lab write-ups and warm ups.  In Honors classes, 60% of the average is based on tests and 40% is based on daily grades.
    Parents and students, you may check grades online now using the 
    Skyward Family Access.
    I am available on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings from 7:00 to 7:40 AM for  students needing assistance. 
    Supplies needed for Honors Physics, AP Physics 1 and AP Physics 2 include a scientific calculator (ex: TI 30X IIS), and a spiral.