• Hello, welcome to WFISD LOTE (Languages Other Than English)department.

    Terrence Inniss
    Email Address: tinniss@wfisd.net
    Phone number: (940) 235-1084
    skype address: bagatelle327

    Hello,  my name is Terrence Inniss and I teach Spanish II, Spanish III PreAP, and Spanish IV AP.  You will be getting the profile forms the first week of school. Please put your e-mail on there. Also you can send me a short mail at tinniss@wfisd.net so that I can save it that way. Thanks for your time with this.
    Tutorial times are: any day after classes with at least one day's notice. Remember, I may not be available due to staff meetings and/or training. You may ask any of the other Spanish teachers (info available on the assignments page).

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