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Congratulations to the Barwise Math Club
math club 4  Math Club 7

The Barwise Math Club competed Saturday, February 18 at City View;  Our 6th and 7th grade team members competed in Calculator, Mathematics, and Number Sense.

There were 189 competitors in Calculator, 259 in Mathematics, and 183 in Number Sense.

Maria Reyes, 6th grade, competed in all 3 events and made some positive gains from last competition.

America Benitez, 6th, competed in all 3 events and was our team's top placement in calculator with a strong score of 119, and was 4th place in 5A schools.

Wilson Taing, 6th grade, competed in all 3 events.  He needed a 55 in number sense to qualify for a State Competition.  He came through with a 62.  He was 2nd place in the 5A category (this includes all grades).  So he qualified to compete in the State Competitions which is usually in San Antonio.

Karlee Hampton, 7th grade, competed in Calculator, and placed 6th in 5A.

Haylee Ramirez, 7th grade, competed in Calculator and placed 5th in 5A.

America Benitez placed 29th out of all 6th graders in Calculator, Wilson Taing ranked 72nd out of 183 Number Sense students (5th - 8th grade) and 13th out of 56 6th graders.

Cooking Matter Club

Students display their Newton Dragon projects. 

Cafeteria Procedures 

Here at Barwise, we are committed to continuous improvement in all areas, and we are constantly examining data as we seek to perform at higher levels.  Beginning Monday, January 9, 2017, we will be making a change to the lunchroom procedures.  After looking at data from last semester, students will be assigned to a group of tables based on their period 5 teacher.  Students will not have a specifically assigned seat, but will choose to sit at one of four or so assigned tables designated for their period 5 teacher.  This is not dissimilar from how students sat in elementary school.  The goal of this adjustment is to improve safety, communication, structure, organization, and accountability, based on the number of students in the cafeteria and the amount of supervision.

In addition, for those parents who bring and eat lunch with their student, the rectangular tables to the right when immediately entering the cafeteria will now be designated areas where you may sit with your child.  Please be reminded that outside food cannot be shared with other students and you should only interact with your child.

Thank you,

Barwise Administration


4th Six Weeks Bigger than yourself winners
Elie and Abby

 Barwise Cold weather Dress Rules

As the weather starts to get colder, we are getting some questions and wanted to clarify what is stated in the dress code.  Hopefully this helps as you are either shopping or helping your child understand the expectations that have been clearly communicated.

1.        Why can’t my child wear a hoodie?  What is a hoodie?

A hoodie is anything (shirt, jacket, pullover, zip up, coat. etc.) with a hood.  Students are not to wear them during the school day.  They may wear it TO/FROM school.  They may wear it around their waist, hang it around backpack shoulder strap or put in their backpack.  We will revisit this policy next year, but in the meantime, hoodies may not be worn in the building during the school day and students have been explained that they may not tuck the hoodies into the jacket either.

2.       Can my child wear a hoodie/pullover/coat to school?

Yes.  Your child can wear a coat (with a hood), jacket, sweatshirt, pullover, etc. TO school.  Once at school, if it has a hood, it needs to be removed.  If it is large and bulky, it needs to be removed.

3.       Does the dress code change with winter?
No.  It is the same.  But, kids may wear a solid long sleeve shirt underneath their polo or spirit t-shirt.  They may wear a SOLID COLORED sweatshirt, pullover, jacket during the day that does not have a hood BUT they MUST have on a dress code shirt underneath.

4.       My child says they have lost their jacket.  What do I do?

We have a lost and found in the cafeteria and the locker rooms.  Students are expected to keep up with their items.  These areas get “cleaned out” every month.  We have had an unbelievable amount of items go unclaimed, so encourage your child to locate their items in one of those places if it has gone missing.

Thank you for following the dress code policy and helping your child comply with the school rules.


Students in Mrs. Eby's class had to create 15 second rate project videos. 
Here is Robert Horvath completing a rubics cube amazingly fast.

 Barwise teachers show their enthusiasm for reading.  

Traffic Maps
Please follow the maps below when dropping off and/or picking up your child from school. This method will hopefully help to relieve congestion and make it a much more fluid process. 
Morning Drop Off Map 
Morning Driving Map  
 Afternoon Pickup Map
Afternoon map  

Important Notice about bringing food to lunch

Barwise parents and guardians,

Thank you for helping us make the transition into the new school year at the new Barwise Middle School such a success. 

We would love for you to come eat lunch with your student this year.  Beginning September 6th, 2016only a parent or guardian may bring outside food or drinks from a restaurant to his or her student, and must stay and eat with the student.  Outside food or drinks may not be shared or brought for friends or other students. 

Outside food or drinks may not be dropped off for students and will not be delivered to students.  We understand this is a change in campus practice and we appreciate your help to continue a good start to the year.  



 Cody Blair

 No Place for hate
This year, Barwise Eagles will SOAR to new heights, earning the distinction of being a No Place for Hate® School! In cooperation with the Anti-Defamation League, one of the nation’s leading civil rights and human relations organizations, a student-led alliance, open to all school staff, parents, and interested community members, will lead our Eagles in promoting diversity, combating hate, and building respect for ALL in our school and the larger community.
No Place for Hate® will help Barwise create and sustain an inclusive school environment where all students are valued and have the opportunity to succeed by promoting respect for individual differences while challenging bigotry and prejudice. 

Barwise Leadership Academy is a Standardized Dress Code School.
School Hours: 7:45 - 3:05
Cafeteria doors open at 6:45
Front doors open at 7:15 
6th Grade go to Library or Cafeteria
7th/8th Grade - Auditorium or Cafeteria 

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