Tour Night 2011
December 5, 2011
The Visual Arts Department again decided to paint 'Round Robin' style.  We chose 6 images and 6 artists.  Each painter started a painting.  After 3 minutes, they rotated to the next image and continued the painting or drawing.  Ground rules were not to paint over the entire image, but to add to it and possibly correct certain parts or elements.  Also, each successive artist would follow the style of the starter.  Here are some pictures from our exhibition:

 shannon tour
 abi tour
 ashley tour
 mrs rose tour
 Mrs Rose
 kagen tour
 raela tour
 shannon tour
abi tour
This year, we incorporated more than just acrylic paint into our demonstration.  We used pastels, charcoal, and oil pastels into the mix as well to try to vary the media used as well as show a wider range of abilities to the visitors that night.