District Policy for Gifted/Talented

  • Curriculum Design for Gifted & Talented Students EHBB-A Regulation

    Accommodating and developing the special talents and abilities of gifted students is as critical as meeting the needs of other special populations. Gifted students who exhibit above-average intelligence and ability require special provisions in the school program if they are to reach their maximum potential. 

    To remove the element of more work as punishment for attending a pull-out program at all grade levels, gifted and talented students at grades 4-6 will be responsible for knowing material missed in the regular class, but will not be required to make up missed class work or homework assigned on the day they attend the pull-out class. However, students are responsible for long-term assignments and projects in which multiple days are given for the task. Extension of the due date may be appropriate depending on the amount of class time the gifted/talented students missed while others worked on the long-term assignment. 

    Students may sometimes require small-group or individual instruction upon their return to the classroom in order to master concepts. A short assignment or evaluation may be assigned to determine mastery. Teachers and administrators are expected to be informed, accommodating and cooperative regarding this element of the Wichita Falls ISD gifted and talented program.