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     AP Chemistry  S.Martin

    College chemistry is a daunting subject and you have chose to accept this challenge as a high school student.  My goal as your teacher is to train you in the skills necessary to be prepared for a college course in chemistry.   It is my hope that this skills training will enable you to earn college credit by successful execution of the AP chemistry exam in May.  Pre-AP is a foundational subject to AP chem at Rider.  It is an expectation that you bring requisite skills for AP from the Pre-AP class.   I hope that you bring a passion for the subject as well.
    AP chem is a lab-base course.  You will have hands on opportunities to increase your lab skills in chemistry.  I believe that well prepared AP chem students should find success on the AP exam, but they must realize that "good preparation" takes more than just sitting in class.  The best AP chem students know that a 5 on the exam in May will require a great deal of work, determination, and study.   We are, after all, Rider Raiders---when has excellent work, determination, and studying not been the norm?  Our TRADITION is to enjoy SUCCESS as the reward for spending oneself in a worthy cause.   We are going to have a fantastic year, but it will ultimately become what you put into it.  Plan for the WIN, Play for the WIN, Accept nothing less than a WIN!  It is the Raider way!
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    AP syllabus 2014 2015

    New text--Zumdahl chemistry 9th ed.
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    AP Chemistry Exam Timing Change
    To ensure adequate time for students to respond to the free-response questions, Section II of the exam will be extended by 15 minutes. The timing of the multiple-choice section and the number of questions in both sections will remain unchanged:
    Section I: 60 multiple-choice questions, 90 minutes
    Section II: seven free-response questions, 105 minutes
    The overall exam time will now be three hours, 15 minutes. This change will take effect beginning with the 2015 AP Chemistry Exam.