Clinical Observations

  • This page contains information for candidates who are seeking clinical observation hours from colleges, universities, or alternate certification programs.
    The process for placing teacher candidates and others seeking observation hours in WFISD depends on:
    * The program or university to which the candidate belongs, and
    * How far along the candidate is in the program. 
    For a more detailed description, [click here]. 

    The steps below are intended for:
    • Teaching candidates from MSU who are enrolled in methods courses in Physical Education or areas of Fine Arts (such as music and theatre), and
    • Teaching candidates from universities and programs other than MSU.

    To be placed in WFISD schools for clinical observations or internships, please complete the following.

    Step 1: Online Application (for Background Check)

    Complete WFISD’s online application for Volunteer/Clinical Observer and/or Clinical Teaching: [Click here] or [here].

    Step 2: Clinical Observation Application

    Provide information about your program requirements by completing an online survey. [Click here].

    Step 3. Wait to hear from WFISD regarding your placement! 
    NOTE: You do NOT have to complete Step 2 (above) if you are taking the School and Society course at MSU, or you are seeking a certification in a core content area or in special education through MSU's West College of Education.

    For more information, contact:
    Director of Innovation and Advanced Academics
    WFISD (940) 235-1021, ext. 15009