Hot Topics

  • The following information is made available to help answer questions or concerns about the WFISD Hot Topics program. We hope you find this parent site very easy to read and informative. Thank you for visiting! 

    What is Hot Topics?

    The Wichita Falls Independent School District has established a progressive and well-balanced curriculum called Hot Topics which allows all students the opportunity to realize their maximum learning potential. The district believes that health education is an integral part of the total program;therefore, a coordinated curriculum plan has been developed for health education. 

    What is the purpose of the Hot Topics program?

    This program satisfies the State mandated requirement for all students to be given the opportunity to participate in a self responsibility curriculum which includes sexuality education. The WFISD Hot Topics curriculum stresses abstinence throughout the program.

    The program also provides students the opportunity for knowledge and skills that will enable them to make informed choices about their personal health habits and behaviors. The Hot Topics Program will help students meet present and future needs which: 

    1. a) address the whole student. 
    2. b) promote healthy productive lives. 
    3. c) teach skills and knowledge, and 
    4. d) develop self-responsibility


    What information does the Hot Topics Program include?

    The WFISD Hot Topics program begins in the fourth grade and continues yearly through high school. Each grade level has a specific number of days to present the appropriate grade level content. 

    The following outline gives a content overview for each grade level. 

    Grade 4:

    Day 1: Decision Making/Self-esteem/Respect & You

    Day 2: Substance Abuse – Tobacco Information

    *Day 3: Human growth and development information

    Grade 5:

    Day 1: Bullying:  "The Are You A Bully Test"

    Day 2: Substance Abuse – various drug classifications and effects on the body/Why Abstinence is the Best Choice

    *Day 3: Human Growth and Development Information

    *Day 4: Reproduction/AIDS/Other STDs/Why Abstinence is the Best Choice 

    Grade 6:

    Day 1: Internet Safety:  "Think Before You Click"

    Day 2: Substance Abuse/Choosing to Abstinence

    *Day 3: Human Growth and Development Information

    *Day 4: Reproduction/Birth Process/AIDS/Other STDs/Why Abstinence is the Best Choice 

    *Days three and four of the elementary program are presented with the boys and girls in separate classrooms and requires parental permission for a student to attend.

    Grade 7:

    Day 1: Alcohol Awareness: "Underage Drinking & The Consequences" 

    Day 2&3: Suicide Awareness/Prevention: "A Promise for Tomorrow"

    *Day 4: Human Reproduction & Relationships

    Day 5: STD Information: "Abstinence, It's the Right Choice"

    *Day four of the junior high program are presented with the boys and girls in separate classrooms.  Days four and five require parental permission for a student to attend.

    H.S. - Health:

    Day 1: Drugs: "What Are They & What They Do"

    Day 2: Sexual Maturity/Gender Respect & Why Abstinence is the Best Choice

    Day 3: STDs/Consequences of Sexual Activity

    Who teaches the Hot Topics program? 

    The program is taught by health certified WFISD employees Julie Henderson and Don Vann. 

    Why is the Hot Topics program unique?

    The program is unique due to itinerant teachers. This ensures consistency throughout the district. The content of the curriculum was also written by teachers, administrators, medical professionals and approved by the local School Board as well as the School Health Advisory Council. Classes are separated by gender for part of the program information and students may submit questions anonymously to guard their privacy. Parents may opt their child out. If a child is not allowed to participate, an alternate lesson is given during this learning time. 

    How will I know when my child’s campus is receiving the Hot Topics program?

    You will be notified by a letter sent home with your child attending elementary and junior high campuses informing you of the parent preview meeting as well as the parent letter. Information will also be listed on Channel 14 throughout the year. 

    The high school program will be announced in the school newsletters and Channel 14 as well.

    What is the parent preview?

    The parent preview is for parents whose child is in the 4th– 7th grade as well as students taking health for high school credit.This scheduled night meeting will give you the opportunity to receive information and view the videos at the Education Center prior to the program being presented at your child’s campus. 

    Parent permission is required for students in the 4thgrade on day three and on days three and four for the 5thand 6th grade program. 

    The 7th grade program requires parent permission on days four and five.

    How often will my child have Hot Topics?

    The elementary program is presented one day a week for a period of five weeks through P.E. classes. The junior high and high school program is presented for three consecutive days in Health class. This ensures that all students have the opportunity to attend. 

    How will Hot Topics help my child?

    The program objectives of the Hot Topics curriculum will be to promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Students will gain a better understanding of the decision making process and methods of communication to enhance students’ self-esteem. Provide information to enable students to make informed decisions with confidence while resisting negative outside influences.Factual information will be presented regarding the misuse, abuse, and effects of drugs on the body. Students will gain an understanding and factual information relating to: 1) human growth and development, 2) the reproductive system, and 3) puberty changes. Students’ knowledge will be updated concerning Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and other sexually transmitted diseases.Various aspects of healthy dating will be discussed as well as the understanding that responsibility, respect, and self-control are essential for positive healthy growth. Choosing Abstinence will be emphasized in all presentations.

    How can I help my child when the Hot Topics program is presented at their campus?

    It was important to utilize parent involvement by requiring parent permission as a way to evaluate the program as well as parent letter information to be sent home with each child to help with discussions at home as part of the total learning process. This method of communication is utilized at all elementary and junior high campuses. Taking a few minutes to read the parent letter and following up with questions on the day your child receives the Hot Topics information may help you to address any questions or concerns your child may have as well as giving an insight one may have concerning this program.

    When is the Hot Topics Program available for my child? 

    A 2017-2018 schedule will be posted to this webpage as soon as it is available.


    Who can I contact if I have more questions?

    Julie Hnderson, WFISD Physical Education / Health Curriculum Specialist

    940-235-1021 ext. 15013

    Thank you again for viewing this Parent Hot Topics page. We hope this information has been beneficial and we appreciate the opportunity to work with your child.