School Lunch Charge Policy

  • School breakfasts are free to all WFISD students. School lunch accounts can be funded through multiple methods:

    • Cash or Check

    • Credit Card payments using

    • Elementary and Junior High Students: A “No Cash Back” policy will be followed when

      students pay for their lunch while in the serving line. All monies paid will be deposited into the students account.

      It is strongly encouraged that parents/guardians make meal payments in advance.

      If you are unable to pay for school meals due to your economic situation, please contact the WFISD Child Nutrition office at 2015 5th Street, Bldg A, Wichita Falls, Texas 76301. Assistance may be available and eligible recipients will receive the regular school lunch at a free or reduced cost.

      We strongly discourage meal charges, but we understand that an occasional emergency makes it necessary. The following policies will apply regarding charges.

      All WFISD Students: – The policy is as follows:

    • Three (3) charges may be charged by the child before receiving an alternate meal. It is the procedure of the cashier to verbally remind the student that their account is low to try to avoid meal charges.

    • Students that obtain a regular meal and cannot pay for the meal because of three (3) outstanding charges will be discreetly offered an alternate meal.

    • USDA is aware that schools may not make meals available to children who do not pay for their meals because of prior issues with re-payment. Schools are not required to provide meals to non-paying full price or reduced price students. However, WFISD will provide an alternate meal to any student that has outstanding charges. If the school lunch account has a negative balance or if the student does not have money to pay for the lunch, the student will be provided an alternate meal (cheese sandwich, applesauce and milk). This will be provided to the student at no charge.

    • Parents will be notified and asked for prompt payment when the students account goes into the negative through a Parentlink call each Monday evening at 6:00 p.m.

    • Ala-carte items may not be charged at any time.
      Adults – Will follow the same charge policy as WFISD students.

      At the end of the school year, a student’s positive balance will follow them to the next school year. Refunds of a positive balance for students leaving the district or graduating may be issued by making a request to the Cafeteria Manager or the Child Nutrition Director.