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Mr. Mayfield
Art I, II, III, IV
Art II Photography
AP Studio Art
Mr. Mayfield
This is a picture of me, Mr. Mayfield, Art Director Room 153
making a vase
Playing in the mud...
Here are some examples of my recent work...
Self Portrait
Fall '09
Self Portrait
Fall '09
Spring '10
...from my undergrad portfolio
Group sculpture outside MSU.  I worked on this my Freshman year in college
One of the better class examples I've turned out

 nelson cruz
I worked on this one during the playoffs, 2011.
  In the beginning Art I classes, I try to introduce my students to the elements of art and principles of design first. I believe that 'good' art is directly related to a well defined understanding of these elements.
     I am a big believer that the ability to draw well is not the only contributing factor in being a successful artist. I see many students who feel discouraged by their inability to draw a photo-real picture. Although I do believe drawing is the basis from which we work, it is not the only defining factor of an artist.  I think that art also is beneficial in that the process of making it is important to the students. 
     I also try to introduce my students to a different media. One can only do so much pencil drawing before becoming quite bored with it.  I believe an artist skillfully creates art in several media.
We also have experimented with all elements of art.  We started with contour drawings and blind contour drawings.  We worked on composition skills using magazines to make collages.  We have made prints out of cardboard and more recently out of rubber blocks.  We tried our hands at dealing with art with a 3-D medium when we made masks from paper mache and plaster.  We also experimented with wood carving. 
     I have tried to give the students a wide range of exposure to different ways to express themselves by experimenting with several different ways to visually convey a message.  I believe art gives a student the freedom to speak their mind in a non-verbal, creative way.


In the AP classes we will be more focused on producing a body of work for submission to the college board.  It is a more student-driven class in that the ideas are developed by the students with guidance from me.
Here are some examples of Art I work from Fall of 2008 Semester
Reeka Perez
Reeka Perez-scratchboard
Sydney Leyva
Sydney Leyva's Mask
7th Period Class Project
7th Period Class Project Spring '09
Rene Rodriguez
Rene Rodriguez  "Dice K"
Fall 2009 student work...

Rene Rodriguez
Taylor Roberts
I like pancakes
Maggie Veigl
Savannah Baron
kissing at school
'Dream Girl'

Fall 2010 student work...
Victor Jimenez
Ghislaine B.
Abi Dagher
Abi Dagher
Davaon Davis