• AP Studio Art
    In the AP studio art class this year, we will continue and complete our portfolios to submit to the college board.  Each student will produce a collection of 24 pieces. 
    I encourage the students to be mindful and focused on a single idea of concentration for this portfolio.  Concentration ideas can be anything from antiques to things that go bump in the night, or any idea the student wishes to explore.  Twelve of the pieces need to be of that single mindset, while the other half are a broad showcase of ability and demonstration of quality work.
    This class functions a little more independently than a beginning class.  I will always be here for guidance, but portfolio guidelines keep the students from including direct assignments from me in the portfolio.  I do however push them to do 'new' things as well as advise them on what might be successful in a piece of art.  I consider this class to be artistically exemplary.  To tell you the truth, I learn as much from my students as they learn from me.  They inspire me to make better art and explore new ideas with my own work.
    On Wednesday, October 13, 2010, the AP Studio Art class visited with Larry Hamilton's art classes at McNiel Junior High.  We shared with his classes some of the programs offered in High School.  We talked about expectations as well as the connections between what they learn in class now and what they will learn and study in High School art classes. 
    I would like to say a special 'Thank You' to Mr. Hamilton and his students for allowing us to spend time with them.
    Here are a few examples of things we have done in class that are a little bit "outside" of class. 
    Caricatures  Presented by Ralph Stearns
    Tie Dying  Presented by our own Melanie Hernandez







    Claire Ball
    Rene Rodriguez
    "Medusa" Terri Shoop
    Gina Zhang
    "The Messenger" Sierra Abston
    Melanie Hernandez
    Tommy Finn  "Grizzz"
    Emily Pettijohn
    Her favorite teacher is Mr. Hamilton
    Tommy Finn  "Cat"
    at least I'm #2
    Sami Nichols  "Fire and Ice"
    Destiny Guerrero  "Tempest"
    41 international
    Taylor Gibson  "41 International"
    Marek working hard
    Marek Unger  "Satisfaction"
    Melanie Hernandez  "Three Wooden Crosses"
    Jorge working on our painting.
    Why are they not working?
    The saddest bunny this side of the Pecos.
    "Waterfall" Sierra Abston
    laying around outside
    mayfield outside
    Van Mayfield, before he cut off his ear-----
    Pieces of Me
    "Pieces of Me"  Taylor Gibson
    "Self Scape"  Jorge Nunez