• Partners In Education
    The Partners In Education mentor program is a cooperative effort of volunteers from businesses, organizations, and the school district designed to encourage students to improve academically and personally, to finish school, and to focus on future education and career goals.  It is one of many ways PIE consistently strives to connect the community with the classroom to enhance student achievement. 
    If you think you’d make a good mentor, there are numerous opportunities available.  In fact the opportunities are as diverse as the individuals involved.  PIE Staff and Campus Coordinators will work directly with you to help you learn more about the program, locate a school where you can mentor, and match you with a student who will benefit from your guidance and friendship.  
    To become a PIE mentor, you must:Mentor

    ·        Complete and submit the Mentor Application 

    ·        Provide consent to a background check via the WFISD website.  Click here to obtain step-by-step instructions    for providing your authorization.  Annual registration and criminal background checks are required for all mentors.  If you do not have access to a computer, please make an appointment to use a school campus computer or call the WFISD Human Resource Office (940.235.1012) to set up an appointment.  Completion of the application takes approximately 10 minutes.

    ·        Attend a campus training and orientation session (one hour)

    ·        Meet on school grounds for 30 minutes to one hour weekly with assigned student

    ·        Participate in the program for one school year

    For a more detailed explanation of the PIE mentor program, please peruse the Mentor Guidelines. Direct unanswered questions, pressing concerns, and general comments to the PIE Office.
    Regardless of your age, occupational experience, or educational background you can make a difference in a child's life!  Your decision to become a mentor reflects your commitment to supporting and guiding the educational and personal growth of youth in our community.  Your generous gifts of time, effort, and caring are so gratefully appreciated.