• Community Relations Department

    The Community Relations office counts it a privilege to offer you your first “hello” as you seek information about your children’s schools. We are like the foyer – the entrance hall – to the rest of the school district. We’re delighted to help acquaint you with Wichita Falls ISD, the largest school district in North Texas.

    Our office is located at the north end of the Education Center, which is centrally located at 1104 Broad Street in a building that, years ago, served junior high students. You can reach us by telephone at (940)235-1004. Our Twitter feed, @WFISDschools, originates here. So does our Facebook stream; “Like” us at Wichita Falls ISD.

    Our Community Relations office may be new to WFISD, but those of us who work here are not. Each of us has an extensive background with the district, so don’t feel shy about asking questions. We believe that old adage, “There’s no such thing as a stupid question.” So, ask away. Call us even if you just need to be transferred to another department or can’t find the person you need.  We are here to help, and it would brighten our day to hear your voice.

    Communications Officer Ashley Thomas

    Ashley spent eight years working as WFISD webmaster and returned recently to take the role of communications officer. Are you a member of the media? She welcomes your calls. It’s Ashley, at ext. 10024, who can help coordinate interviews, news footage, and photographs for your stories.

    Webmaster Jessica Wilkins

    Jessica started her career at a television station in Tyler, Texas, where she worked as a morning show producer. She also ran her own video production and web design company for several years before finding her current spot as WFISD’s webmaster. For us, she creates videos, manages our website and is master of all things digital. If you’re looking for specific information on the website and can’t locate it, call her at ext. 10014.

    Communications Specialist Ann Work

    Ann has a long writing career that, for the past 13 years, focused on reporting about WFISD for a local newspaper. Now she’s capturing district news for the WFISD website, using her up front, news reporting style to give you insight into district activities. You no longer have to go any further than the WFISD website at www.WFISD.net to find the district’s latest news. Do you have a story idea you’d like her to feature? Call Ann at ext. 10015

    Community Relations Secretary Mandy Salas

    Mandy Salas is a lifelong resident of Wichita Falls who has worked with WFISD for 16 years. She is married with four children and one grandchild. She has worked with WFISD as an aide at Ben Franklin Elementary, in the Head Start program, and at Barwise Middle School. She also worked at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls as a hospital tech before coming to the Community Relations office as a secretary in 2015. 


    Stay in Touch

    If you have a child in our schools, you are probably eager to find ways to stay in touch with the latest in school news. Of course, we’re sure you’re reading all those notes your child brings home from school, but there are other ways to stay current.

    Our office produces a regular newsletter for community members called the Community Insider. It will be delivered free to your e-mail in-box. Sign up here.

    Follow us on Twitter @WFISDschools.

    “Like” us on Facebook at Wichita Falls ISD.

    Finally, check our website often for great WFISD stories and news. If you can’t attend board meetings or work sessions, you’ll find a report on what you missed. As our district moves ahead on new projects, we’ll keep you posted on our progress.