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Elementary Intradistrict Transfer Guidelines

Attendance areas have been established for each elementary school by District policy and/or regulation. A student assigned to an elementary campus may request a transfer if the student has:

1. Not been placed in an alternative education program for consistent misbehavior or a major disciplinary violation;

2. Not been expelled from classes within the current or immediately preceding semester;

3. Not consistently violated the attendance policy or the Student Code of Conduct at the campus at which currently enrolled; and

4. Been performing at grade level and is enrolled in the grade appropriate to the student's age

Approval of the transfer request must:

1. Be based on serving a valid educational purpose and be in the best interest of the student;

2. Not cause an increase in the number of staff, programs, or services provided at the new campus; and

Be denied if there is not available space at the proposed receiving campus.

The transfer is binding for the entire academic year, except under the following circumstances:

1.  The transfer is revoked by the receiving school principal on the basis that the student-to-teacher ratio exceeds state law (22:1) and such a revocation is made by the Friday following Labor Day of the academic year.

2.  The transfer is revoked due to, but not limited to:

         a.        Student misconduct;

         b.        Student tardiness;

         c.        Student attendance;

         d.        Failure to provide transportation to and from school; or

         e.        False information.

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