Hirschi High School

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Extra Credit Reading List

Below are some books you may read
for extra credit. (TWO 100s in the grade book)
There will be an assignment to go along with the reading of the book. The assignment will serve as proof that you read the book. You must print the assignment sheet below. You can only submit ONE extra credit reading assignment per 6-week grading period.
Remember, no extra credit will be given if you have a zero in the gradebook!
One more thing, don't try just watching a movie that may be associated with the book instead of actually reading the book. I will be able to tell and you won't get credit!!!
 Painted house road
    Baseball in April   Color Purple
Cold Mountain
Make Lemonade
owen meany suns
      catcher in the rye  
                            (only w/signed parent permission)
blackhawk down     The handmaids tale
speak    joy
storm            brian's song