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Student Dress Code Supports the Learning Environment

POCs: Dr. Shannon Hill and Mr.Troy Farris
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Phone number: (940) 235-1070

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Rules regarding dress and grooming are in effect from the first day of school from the time student arrives on the campus until the student departs the campus and through the last day of school.

The dress code applies to students who are representing Hirschi High School as part of a school group or organization outside the regular school day.

The dress code is established to protect the learning environment from distractions and to minimize safety hazard.

The dress code at Hirschi High School is as follows:

·         Appropriate undergarments must be worn and appropriately covered.

·         Sunglasses, combs, hats, bandanas, hoods, and other head coverings will not be worn in the building.

·         When belts are worn, they must be buckled. If there is not buckle, the belt must be tied.

·         All tattoos must be covered.

·         Clothing or accessories with lettering, symbols, or decorations that detract from the learning process or illustrate or promote alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, sex, vulgarity or violence either explicitly or by innuendo will not be allowed.

·         Articles of clothing bearing words, symbols, color combinations, or any recognized gang insignia will not be allowed.

·         Shoes are to be worn at all times. Shoes designed for strings or buckles must be fully laced/fastened. Students must not wear shoes that pose a safety hazard.

·         Hair is to be neat, clean, well groomed, and styled so that vision will not be obstructed.

·         Hairstyles and hair color that create a distraction will not be allowed.

·         Beards and mustaches must be kept clean and neatly trimmed.

·         Male students may not wear earrings. Female students are permitted to wear earrings in their ears only. All other body piercing objects are not allowed for males or females.

·         Short-shorts, athletic shorts such as wind shorts, bicycle shorts, bare midriffs, halter tops, tank tops, see-through tops (such as loose woven or fish net materials), and tight fitting warm-up/jogging suits are prohibited.

·         Undergarments worn or shown as part of the overall outfit are prohibited.

·         Sagging pants are not permitted.

·         T-shirts that extend below the posterior are prohibited.

·         No side slits on shorts or shorts that curve up on the sides will be allowed. Shorts must be hemmed to be the same length on all sides.

·         Tank tops are not allowed. No racer back tops are allowed.

·         Dress code infractions cannot be covered by jackets, sweaters, hoodies, or sweatshirts.

·         Ripped or torn jeans must not allow skin above the knee to show through.

·         Pajama pants &/or tops are prohibited. House shoes are prohibited.

·         Students outfitted with any correctional monitors, i.e., ankle monitors, etc. must wear long pants. Shorts are not allowed while a student is outfitted with a monitor.

girl in skirt


Cautions for Girls

·         Miniskirts, and shorts, including mini-skirts with or without leggings are prohibited.

·         Appropriate undergarments must be worn.

·         Halter tops and other apparel that are backless or expose cleavage are prohibited.

·         Apparel that exposes the midriff is prohibited

·         Shoes (i.e. spiked heels, etc.) that are hazardous are prohibited.


Cute for a party...
but NOT for school!
Caution for Guys

·         Undergarments must be appropriately covered.

·         Sagging pants are prohibited.


Students not in compliance with the dress code standards may be allowed to call a parent to bring a change of clothes with permission of an administrator.  Students will wait for a change of clothes in ISS (In School Suspension).