• Transforming Junior Highs into Middle Schools


    District adds new sixth grade wings at Barwise, McNiel


    The first step to turning WFISD’s junior highs into middle schools was renovating them to hold more students.


    With the expected influx of sixth-graders into McNiel and Barwise Junior High schools, the district launched renovations at both campuses that were completed during the summer of 2016.


    Kirby Junior High, which already served sixth-graders, also received structural renovations to its building as it transitioned into a middle school program.


    The McNiel and Barwise additions included a wing of classrooms, a renovated kitchen and serving area, and improved fine arts facilities.


    With the completion of this construction, WFISD finally, officially has a middle school program, serving sixth-, seventh- and eighth-graders.


    The move of sixth-graders to the middle schools also opened up much needed space at elementary schools across the district.