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Employment with WFISD

A completed application must be on file with Human Resources prior to any interview. If you have previously applied for a different position, please access and update your application online for each new posting. Under "Jobs" click on position desired. Applicants will be screened based on application information submitted.

You must have either a High School Diploma or GED to apply. Interviews will be conducted as needed.


To apply, click on "Online Applications" (on left) and follow the instructions.
Director of Human Resources
(Elementary / Administrators)
235.1012 ext. 11002
Leah Tunnell
Assistant Director of Human Resources
(Secondary / Maintenance)
235.1012 ext. 11003
Human Resources Specialist
(Elementary / Administrators)
235.1012 ext. 11001
Angela Shipley
Human Resources Specialist
235.1012 ext. 11007
Human Resources Specialist
235.1012 ext. 11004
Human Resources Specialist
(Auxiliary / Paras / AESOP-Subs. / Support)
235.1012 ext. 11006
235.1000 ext. 10000

Human Resources Specialist
235.1012 ext. 11014