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Maximize your chances of gaining admission to top-tier colleges and universities! With the tools offered and services provided by this college-access program, students in the WFISD have been accepted to top-tier institutions across the nation. The Academic Success Program provides assistance with all aspects of the college application process from extracurricular involvement, course selection, application completion, letters of recommendation, interview tips and the all-important personal statement essay. Learn the answers to all your questions regarding college applications, financial aid, and other pertinent entities of the admissions process.

Our program helps students determine which schools best suit their individual needs and interests. We work one-on-one with every student, customizing our services so that each student meets the precise criteria of specific college admissions committees. Students equipped with the best overall application package will enhance their chances of gaining acceptance to the college of their choice.

Our well-trained and highly knowledgeable College Advisors give students a practical assessment of their candidacy to particular colleges and provide pre-admission assistance to students who want to bridge the gap between high school and college.