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Rider Guitar
Name: Bruce Canafax
Email Address: bcanafax@wfisd.net
Phone number: 940-235-1077

2016-17 Rider Guitar Ensemble
Tutorial Days and Times - Tuesday and Thursday at 3 :05 PM to  3:30 PM
Guitar is currently in its 19th year at Rider High School.
Students can study guitar at Rider for 4 years.
The 1st year is geared toward the basic beginner. They learn to read music and play using classical technique like orchestra string programs. They play music from the classic rock and pop genres to learn melodies and chordal accompaniment. They also begin basic music theory and are introduced to all styles of music including the blues.

The 2nd year is where students really delve into the guitar more thoroughly. They study more complicated music and begin harder ensemble music. They also are taught music theory and how it relates practically to the guitar.

The 3rd and 4th years are where students explore masterworks of the music literature in the ensemble setting. Past ensembles have performed music from composers such as Mozart and Bach. They are given the opportunity to perform these pieces in a variety of places throughout the community.

Students in years 2 through 4 are highly encouraged to participate in UIL competition with either a solo or an ensemble.
This year,
8 students participated in the competition at the state level. For those results, click here.

To search for songs from UIL's prescribed music list,or PML , click here.CLick on Search the PML. Select orchestra and then find the event name you want to enter from the event selection box.Select either acoustical guitar solo, guitar trio or guitar quartet and then click the search button at the bottom.

Cool Guitar Sites to visit

For sound files of past performances go to Ensemble Video Page.