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    A Flipped Classroom  
    with Layered Curriculum 
    Name: Kyle Apperson
    Email Address: kapperson@wfisd.net
    World History
    Welcome to my history class.  I will do my best to keep this page up to date but for the most precise locale please follow my instructions on Edmodo.   Your student has an access code to utilize the site and get their work.  There is a parent access code I can give to all parents to follow as well.  Just email your students name and which period and I will email you the code.  I try to respond to all emails same day.  I hope your student enjoys my class.   Feel free to stop by anytime and observe.  Please click on the link to my blog.  I have some information on how to best help your student succeed in my class. 
    Coach Apperson
    History..Mayan Pyramid  

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