Buy a Yearbook or Ad

    High school lasts four years. Yearbooks last forever. Order your yearbook at http://yearbooksforever.com
    YEARBOOKS: The list of students who purchased books as of 7 am 16 May can be found HERE
    We have 58 yearbooks available for purchase on yearbooksforever.com on a first come, first serve basis if you did not get a yearbook and want one. 
    Remember yearbook and newspaper are self-supporting organizations. We do not get a budget. We pay for the yearbook and paper printing, ink and cameras and supplement the costs of our workshops and camps with ad sales and yearbook copy sales.
    Thank you! 
    If you have questions about yearbook sales, please contact Mrs. Lee at mlee@wfisd.net or 235-1077 ext. 31061. 

    Parent access to gradebook instructions available online at