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    JROTC is a credit-earning course that can count as a physical education or elective credit.
    You have come to the right place to receive a course that will challenge you. We have made it an interesting and enjoyable program to be a member of and to become a leader. You will receive trainning in many different subjects that will help you in life. JROTC cadets have NO obligation to join the military, however if you choose to do so we will guide and direct you in the correct direction. 
    Our mission is " To Motivate Young People to Be Better Citizens. "
    Success in JROTC is "Teamwork."
    We try to prepare you for the days after graduation. To get you ready to take on the challenge of life with one foot already in the door. We do this by instilling Motivation, Dedication, Respect, Honor, and Pride in yourself.
    Curriculum that will be covered in the program 1st and 2nd semester will be as followed:
       A: Leadership Theory and Application (1st semester part 1, -Leadership defined,Principle and Leadership, 2nd semester part 2, -  
           Sexual Harrassment/Assault, Roles of Leaders and follow in drill)
       B: Geography and Earth Science (2nd semester, 5th-6th six weeks, Introduction to map reading)
       C: Foundation for Success ( 1st semester part 1, -Selfawarness,Thinking maps, 2nd semester part 2, -Becoming a better listener,
           Orientation to Service Learning)
       D: Citizenship and American History (1st semester, 1st-2nd six weeks, -Army JROTC the Making of a Better Citizen, The Past and
           Purpose of Army JROTC)
       E: Wellness, Fitness and 1st Aid (1st semester part 1, 3rd-4th six weeks, The need for First Aid / Your Reponse, Cold-Heat  
           Injuries and treatment, CPR-Certifications)
       F: Air Rifle Safety and Marksmanship (1 semester part 1, all six weeks, Air Rifle Safety, Range Safety, Marksmanship, and
           Quailifacation, 2nd Semester, all six weeks, Air Rifle Safety, Range Safety, Marksmanship, and Quailifacation)
    Good Luck Future Cadets, We Welcome You!

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