• Career and Tech
    Welcome to the Rider High School CTE (Career and Technology Education) Department
    Technology Education is about more than getting wired. It’s about getting ready for a world in which information is outdated so quickly every book you buy today is a history book tomorrow. The 21st century is a world of global interconnections and strategic partnerships, a world where product lines are developed and dropped overnight. Changes in technology not only change the way we work, they change the way nature works itself.
    Technology alone is not enough. Today, knowing how to learn is more important than knowing a specific skill. The most valuable resource in the global marketplace is the well-rounded, broad-based, knowledgeable worker.
    Many courses not only teach technological computer skills, but teach these principles in a “hands-on” fashion with model-building, engineering competitions, testing, and data analysis.
    Marketing Education- Marvel-Loskot, Cantrell
    • Marketing Dynamics
    • Marketing Management
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Sports Marketing
    • Coop-Work Program
    Family & Consumer Sciences- Cantrell, Nusser, Pepper
    • Personal & Family Development
    • Nutrition & Food Science
    • Individual & Family Life
    • Preparation for Parenthood
    • Child Development

    Agricultural Sciences- Awakuni, Amanda

    • Principles of Agriculture
    • Wildlife
    Information Technology - Bass, Brian
    • Principles of Information Technology
    • Programming
    • Principles of AV
    Arts, Audio Video, and Communications - Hill, McClung, White
    • Principles of Arts, AV, and Communications
    • Print and Imaging Technology
    • Student Media
    • Video Broadcasting
    Business Education- Bobbitt, Hill
    • Data Entry (Keyboarding)
    • Business Information Management (BIM) 1
    • Business Information Management (BIM) 2