• Website Evaluation 
    There are many sites that are totally fake on the Internet and if you would like a copy of a database of them, just let me know. However, this site provides a great introduction to start evaluating websites. It tells you what to look for to be sure a site is reliable or not. Examples are given and then there are samples of sites for you and your students to evaluate. So, be sure to check out Avoiding Fake Websites.


    General Information and Guides for Website evaluation:Kathy Schrock's Website Evaluation page gives the ABC's of Website Evaluation. This is a great site to visit when trying to teach your students all the things that help to determine if a website is reliable or not.

    Another great site for finding valuable information on Website Evaluation is the Five W's of Evaluation.Information LiteracyThis site is full of great ideas for teaching students to be able to correctly evaluate a website. There is a lesson that could be used for in-service and one for classroom use. There is even a section on proper note-taking. This is well worth checking out for your class. A website evaluation checklist is also included.

    Website Background Information:To get specific information about a website, try using Alexa- you can type in your web address and it will give you a wealth of information to help you to determine if the site is valuable and/or reliable.

    Another similar site is EasyWhoIs? which gives background data on a given web site.

    Finally, DomainNames tells you the ownership of specific websites which helps you to determine the veracity of the site.

    Website Evaluation Checklists:

    2. Evaluate a website- fairly comprehensive

    3. HCC Library's--short and direct

    4. For a list of sites that may or may not be real/reliable, click  Web Evaluations.xls There are also links to more sites on Website Evaluation.

    5. Department of Ed's collection of bogus websites.

    Common Domain Name Extensions:
    .ac — educational network (same as .edu)
    .biz — business
    .com — commercial site in the US
    .edu — educational site in the US
    .firm —business
    .gov — U.S. government
    .int — international institution
    .mil — U.S. military
    .nato — NATO site
    .net — administrative site in the US
    .nom — personal site
    .org — organization in the US
    .store — retail business
    .web — about the World Wide Web