• Earth & Space Science

    Textbook:  Earth Science 8th Edition by Tarbuck & Lutgens
    PrerequisitesThree units of science (one of which may be taken concurrently) & three units of mathematics (one of which may be taken concurrently)
    Course Information:  Earth &Space Science is a capstone science course designed to build on students’ prior scientific &academic knowledge &skills to develop understanding of Earth’s system in space &time.  The course is taught with an Earth systems approach using these themes: Earth in space &time, solid Earth, &fluid Earth. The three strands of systems, energy, &relevance will be used throughout the course as students are actively involved in laboratory &field investigations. Course topics will include: theories of the evolution of the universe; characteristics of comets, asteroids, &meteoroids and their positions in the solar system; comparisons of terrestrial planets to gas-giant planets in the solar system; how multiple dating methods are used to construct the geologic time scale;  relative dating methods for fossil succession; how scientists use geophysical methods to interpret Earth’s structure; &careers that involve the exploration, extraction, production, use, &disposal of Earth’s resources.