• Physics AP (B and C)

    Textbook: AP Physics B: Principles w/ Applications by Giancoli;
    AP Physics C: Physics for Scientists & Engineers by Tipler

    Prerequisites: AP Physics B: Pre-AP Physics
    AP Physics C: Pre-AP Physics & Concurrent Enrollment
    or Completion of Calculus AB &/or Calculus BC

    Course Information: The Physics AP "B" course provides a systematic introduction to the main principles of physics & emphasizes the development of problem-solving ability. This course provides a foundation in physics for students in the life sciences, fine arts, social sciences, or liberal arts.
    The Physics AP "C" course forms the first part of the college sequence that serves as the foundation in physics for students majoring in the physical sciences or engineering. Methods of calculus are used wherever appropriate in formulating physical principles & in applying them to physical problems.