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    For Wichita Falls ISD, this site houses the curriculum documents for the core content areas of mathematics, science, social studies, and English/language arts. Documents are organized by grade span (elementary, junior high, and high school).
    Please note that these curriculum documents are works in progress.  The Curriculum Department continues to edit, revise, and update these documents to ensure that the most current information is available to our staff and to the public.

    How were the curriculum documents developed?

    The documents were developed by groups of teachers known as Curriculum Councils, following several steps:
    1. For each course, the Councils analyzed the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).  These are the state-approved curriculum standards for all courses in Texas public schools.  (For more information, click here to visit the TEA website.)
    2. The Councils arranged and bundled these standards into Units.
    3. For each unit, the Councils outlined a clear set of student expectations.
    4. Finally, the Councils pooled together resources that will help teachers relay this information to students in the classroom.

    How can parents review teacher lessons in more detail?

    The WFISD curriculum documents provide a framework for instruction.  For use in the classroom, the documents often provide a list of suggested resources, such as state-approved texts or locally-developed materials.
    However, each teacher creates her own individual lessons based on the needs of her students.  Because the actual handouts and activities used by students will vary slightly from classroom to classroom, parents should contact their child's teacher to request specific lesson details.

    For more questions about the WFISD curriculum documents, please contact:

    Peter Griffiths, Associate Superintendent
    Misti Spear, Director of Elementary Curriculum  
    940.235.1021 ext. 15010 
    Debbie Dipprey, Director of Secondary Curriculum 
    Ward Roberts, Director of Innovation and Advanced Academics 
    940.235.1021 ext. 15009