Read 2 Learn 
  • Our Purpose
    Our purpose is simple and direct, yet challenging. WFISD's purpose for this reading initiative is to insure that all children are reading at grade level by the end of the third-grade. By the time they walk into their fourth-grade classroom, they will be reading to learn rather than learning to read. 
    Wichita Falls ISD is a district meeting the educational needs of approximately 14,500 students with diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. 




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    Who is Part of the Reading Initiative? 
    We embody an army of volunteer readers (like you) who are dedicated to helping our students achieve maximum academic achievement through the building of strong reading skills. These volunteers read to an assigned student from one to three times per week for approximately 30 minutes each session.
    Why Reading?
    •  Twenty-five to 40 percent of American children are struggle academically because they do not read well enough.
    • One-third of American students are not school-ready when they enter kindergarten not school ready and lack skills needed for a successful learning experience. 
    • Forty-four percent of fourth-grade American students cannot read fluently, even when they read grade level stories aloud under supportive testing conditions.
    • A student who cannot read on grade-level by third-grade is four times less likely to graduate on time with his/her peers. Add poverty to the equation, and a student is thirteen times less likely to graduate on time.
    • In WFISD, approximately 23 percent of our first graders were already reading below grade level when they started second grade.  

    Read 2 Learn Campuses






    Scotland Park



    Our goal is the host Read 2 Learn programs at all WFISD elementary campuses for students in grades K-3. As the number of volunteers increase, we can add students, campuses, and grade levels to the program.

    Steps to Become a Reading Volunteer
    • Submit online volunteer application and information for background check by clicking here.
    • Attend the Reading Initiative Volunteer Orientation
    • Sign and turn in the Volunteer Agreement Form to a Read 2 staff member
    • Receive a student assignment. This assignment includes a specific campus, a specific student, and a specific reading day.
    • Show up regularly at the designated campus and change a student's world forever! 

     R 2 Learn Happenings!
    WFISD launched Read 2 Learn on October 15, 2013 at seven campuses. The Wichita Falls community responded to our request for volunteers, with 216 mentors beginning with reading sessions.
    In January 2014, R2L expanded to its 8th campus at Haynes Northwest Academy. At the end of the 2013-2014 school year, Read 2 Learn served 196 second-grade students, 350 volunteers, who gave 3,880 volunteer hours.
    • In 2013-2014, 68 percent of R2L students began the year officially labeled as "Listeners."
    • By the end of the year, 90 percent of those R2L students were advanced to the official status of "Readers."
    Today, 350 second-and third-grade students participate in Read 2 Learn and are served by more than 400 volunteers.
    Community Support to Motivate Students
    • Pap Johns -Provided lunch for volunteer training, certificates for free pizzas, and pizza provided for end-of-year parties
    • Kiwanis Club - Read 2 Learn Rally - T-shirts and prizes
    • Raising Canes- Gave food for R2L staff training, certificates, book marks for a free meal, and rally dog tags
    • Chick-Fil-A Lunch with the Chick-Fil-A cow eight times at eight campuses
    • MyLifeWerks Insurance Services LLC - Mark Ross gave 32 bicycles
    • Downtown Rotary - Provided 3 kindles for high school PALS

    "I came to Read 2 Learn hoping to make a meaningful, lasting difference in two young boys’ lives. What I didn't realize was the incredible difference they would make in my life." – Gerald Hohfeld- Zundy R2L Volunteer


    "After 30 years in College Admissions, I volunteered for the Read 2 Learn program to contribute my time to an elementary student.  What I didn't expect is to learn so much from a third-grader! My brief visits with Haylee make me smile, make me laugh out loud every week.  She's contributed so much more to me." – Barb Merkle- Zundy R2L Volunteer


    "My name is Demi Zamora, and I’m a PAL at WFHS. My PAL went from a low reading level to level O! He’s a very smart kid; all he needed was a little push and to concentrate on the task in front of him. After I noticed his improvement, he would lose focus and want to do something else. So I set a goal: Each time we read or got through a book, we would talk or play a game. This motivated him to get what he needed to do done and save the fun for after. It was a joy working with him.” Through Demi’s experience with PALS and R2L, her future goal now is to open a non-profit organization that focuses on helping underprivileged kids who struggle academically."


    "I am having so much fun being a part of the Read 2 Learn program! I truly feel I am making a difference in a child's life by just letting her read to me and then me reading to her. I never thought I would receive so much joy by volunteering only two days a week, 30 minutes at a time. My little "reader" tells me she can't wait for me to come and read with her. She wants so badly to be on the same reading level as her friends that she doesn't even complain about missing recess time after lunch by reading with me.  The icing on the cake? She has already moved up a reading level!  I would encourage everyone to be a part of the Read 2 Learn program.  It will make you feel great to be a part of something so worthwhile.  If you don’t have an hour a week to give, just do 30 minutes which is one day a week.  There are still children who need 'reading partners'.” It’s so easy, and you can make a huge difference in a child’s life."  – Tonya Cannedy- Fowler R2L Volunteer

    Partners In Education
    January Cadotte
    PIE District Coordinator