• Each year McNiel teachers nominate students they feel were exceptional in all aspects of the school atmosphere. We call these the Silver Star students. Silver Star Students maintain high grades in class, complete quality work, and seek out opportunities to be helpful to teachers and other students. There will be a 7th grade boy & girl and an 8th grade boy and girl.

    We have also added an award that we are calling the Mustang Award. This award will be given to only one student on campus. The Mustang Award is given to a student that showed improvement in some area. This could be improvement in their effort in the classroom, in behavior on campus, in attitude, or some other reason a teacher feels this student needs recognition.

       8th   4th Six Weeks   Silver Star Students         7th
          Paul Payway     
    Mustang Award
        Xavier Barry                 
                                      7th         3rd Six Weeks   Silver Star Students       8th
    Mar      hannah      chris   vic
     Marquaveon Eaden       Hannah Sanchez       Christian Macias     Victoria Williamson
     Mustang Award 
      Suliedy Diaz
                                                             2nd Six Weeks 
                                                 2013-2014 Silver Star Students  
                                    7th                                                                       8th            
    anthony    kayla       Rayce       breanna       
     Anthony Vargas    Kayla Vaughn          Rayce Radtke        Breanna Fobbs
     Mustang Award
         Ethan Locke