Xerox High Speed Copier - Campus Information


    If you have a problem with your Xerox copier, please let us know!

    When you have problems or difficulties with your Xerox machine, please first check with your campus "Key Operator" or "CTT".  If the problem is not resolved, please contact you Xerox/Benchmark service manager, Joel White. If your problems are not resolved in a timely manner, please contact Janet Powell at 235-1017 ext. 13002 via e-mail.  

    Your copier should be a resource ..not a frustration. 

    FAQ's for campus Xerox Copiers

    Below are the frequently asked questions from the campuses.  If you see a blue underlined word, click on that word to see the full group of instructions.
    What is included with the Xerox copiers?
    • Unlimited copies (for $ 200/month)
    • Staples
    • Service response within 4 hours
      What do I do when I have black lines on my copies?

      Clean the glass and then other steps as described on detailed instructions (Click on "glass" link for more details). Only after trying all steps on the Xerox linked page, then...Contact my Campus Key Operator to input a trouble ticket to Xerox Technical Support.

      Can I run Transparencies in the Xerox Copier?
      Yes, but only when by when using the bypass tray.  (Click on the word "bypass" to get specific step-by-step instructions)
      Can I print to the Xerox copier from my teacher computer in my classroom?
      Yes,  by using secure print and putting your assigned pass-code in these instructions.  Remember, if you don't print out your jobs in 72 hours, they will be automatically deleted.
      I need more training on the copier.  Who do I call?
      Talk to your key operator or CTT on your campus and have them contact Joel White and schedule more training.  May of the issues we have seen at campuses have been resolved by having additional training or bringing attention to practices that may be contributing to your problems.
      How do we recycle our toner?
      You may trash the toner cartridge and toner waste bottle because they are biodegradable.  However, the fuser and xerographic should have a ship back label included in the new bot to return.  If it doesn't, please contact Joe White.
      How do I scan documents from my e-mail using the Xerox Copier?

      1)   Load the originals face-up in the Document Handler or face-down on the Document Glass.

      2)   Log-in

      3)   Press the [Services Home] button on the Control Panel.

      4)   Select the [E-mail] button on the Touch Screen. (Not the scan Icon)

      5)   Select the [New Recipients] button and

      a)   Either enter your e-mail address using the keyboard on the Touch Screen

      b)   Or enter your first initial and press search (all your campus e-mail addresses are listed on your copier)

      c)   If you are scanning a two-sided original, select the option for 2-sided scanning which is at the bottom of this screen.


      7)   Select the [E-mail Options] tab.

      8)   Select [File Name] button.

      9)   Use the keyboard to enter the name for the file.

      10)  Select the [Save] button.

      11)   Press the [Start] button on the Control Panel to scan and send the e-mail.