• How do you plan to pay for college?  When your financial aid package from your school isn't enough to cover your bill, where will the money come from?

    There are many scholarship opportunities out there.  All you need is a little time and effort to find the ones that are best for you.  We have located many scholarships for you to apply and posted them on our site.

    Please go to the following district website link to review upcoming scholarships:

    Scholarships 2019-2020


    The scholarships listed cover a wide variety of local, state and national scholarships.  We do our best to maintain current and relevant scholarships for our students. 

    Scholarships listed are in deadline order.  We also have descriptions of all the scholarships in the guidance office on the scholarship wall.  Students are encouraged to visit our scholarship wall if they prefer a paper copy. 

    Wichita Falls is fortunate to have Vernon College and Midwestern State University.  If you would like to stay locally, click on the above links to access their scholarships.

    Many scholarships require letters of recommendation.  Best practice is to approach your teacher, coach, counselor, or other personal references two-weeks prior to submitting your application in order for them to write the letter. 

    Please stop by the College and Career Office to see Mrs. Longest if you have any questions or need assistance.