• Gifted and Talented

    GT Program Overview

    The goal of GT education in Wichita Falls ISD for students to develop innovative, advanced-level products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity.  This is accomplished through a variety of programs and services in grades K-12.

    For more information, check out our District's Gifted/Talented Program Guide:

    GT Nominations

    During the 2019-2020 school year, the window to nominate students for the GT program will be available in January (2020).
    PARENTS: To nominate your child...
    • Watch this [video] first.
    • Then take an online survey (NOTE: Currently unavailable. Check back in January 2020.)
    Parents without internet access can request a print version at their student's home campus.
    Parents who speak Spanish can also request a print version (en espanol) at their student's home campus.
    TEACHERS: To nominate your student...
    • Ask the parent/guardian to complete the survey described above.  (This provides permission to test.)

    GT Testing
    After nominations, GT testing will occur in the spring.
    • K-1-2 Testing: January - February, 2020
    • Grades 3-11 Testing: March, 2020

    WFISD uses the CogAT test. Students in Kindergarten take a paper test, but those in grades 1-11 take an online version.  


    GT Placement
    After testing is complete, students and parents will be notified of placement.
    These results will be sent to schools and families on/around mid-April, 2020.