• Gifted and Talented


    GT Program Overview

    The goal of GT education in Wichita Falls ISD for students to develop innovative, advanced-level products and performances that reflect individuality and creativity.  This is accomplished through a variety of programs and services in grades K-12.

    For more information, check out our District's Gifted/Talented Program Guide:

    GT Nominations

    During the 2021-2022 school year, the window to nominate students for the GT program was open in January, 2022.
    If for some reason you missed this opportunity, but would still like to nominate your child, please contact Ward Roberts at (940) 235-1021, ext. 15009. 
    GT Testing
    After nominations, GT testing will occur in the spring, at each student's home campus.
    • K-1-2 Testing: February
    • Grades 3-11 Testing: March

    WFISD uses the CogAT test. Students in Kindergarten take a paper test, but those in grades 1-11 take an online version.  

    The CogAT has three sections: Verbal (words and vocabulary), Quantitative (counting, patterns, and math facts), and Nonverbal (picture puzzles). To see what the questions look like, try an internet search for "CogAT sample items." But be careful! Some "practice" sites don't match the quality of the real test.

    GT Placement

    After testing is complete, students and parents will be notified of placement.
    These results will be sent to schools and families on/around mid-April.

    GT Training for Teachers

    Find more information on our District's professional development site: