In the spring of each school year, the students' grade point averages are reviewed. The discipline file of each student is also reviewed. The students with a 3.75 GPA or higher, who have completed or concurrently enrolled in an advanced placement class, and have no discipline issues are given a letter of invitation for consideration. Upon the letter's return to Mrs. Wolf, students are handed an application.

    The application requires various information including, but not limited to: 

    1. Scholarship

    2. School Involvement

    3. Leadership

    4. Community Service Activities

    5. Other Accomplishments

    6. Disciplinary History 

    7. School/Class Attendance (including tardies)

    8. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in an advanced placement course.

    The students’ then return their applications and the applications are sent to a teacher committee for final review. The students then receive a letter of acceptance or decline depending on the committee's decision.


    After acceptance dues of $5 need to be paid by the first meeting.

    *The NJHS application submitted becomes the property of McNiel MS NJHS and will not be returned nor a copy given to the student after submission.
    ** A big part of NJHS is responsibility. One way students demonstrate this is that they fill out ALL sections of the application.
    ***Another way to prove responsibility is to ADHERE TO DEADLINES which are required during the paperwork process.
    ****The national office does not hear appeals or render decisions for selection or dismissal.  The local level does not accept appeals. The committee's decision stands as decided at time of application.