In the spring of each school year the students' grade point averages are reviewed. The discipline file of each student is also reviewed. The students with a 3.75 GPA and no discipline issues are given a letter of invitation for consideration. Upon the letter/s return the students are handed an application.

    The application requires various information including, but not limited to: 

    1. Scholarship

    2. School Involvement

    3. Leadership

    4. Community Service Activities

    5. Other Accomplishments

    6. Disciplinary History 

    The students’ then return their applications and the applications are sent to a teacher committee for final review. The students then receive a letter of acceptance or decline depending on the committee's decision.


    *The NJHS application submitted becomes the property of McNiel MS NJHS and will not be returned nor a copy given to the student after submission.
    ** A big part of NJHS is responsibility. One way students demonstrate this is that they fill out ALL sections of the application.
    ***Another way to prove responsibility is to ADHERE TO DEADLINES which are required during the paperwork process.
    ****The national office does not hear appeals or render decisions for selection or dismissal.  All appeals must be filed at the local level.