• At the start of the next school year, after your acceptance into McNiel Middle School's Chapter of Nation Junior Honor Society, you will be required to sign a compact for the new year (obviously this does not apply to 8th graders).

    The compact is just an agreement by you and your parent that you will:
    1. Dues of $5 are due at the first meeting.
    2. Maintain the highest academic and scholarly performance (B and above in conduct and grades)

    3. Maintain and develop your leadership skills

    4. Continue to engage in community service

    5. Attend meetings

    6. Support our NJHS Chapter and participate with us

    7. Maintain high moral and conduct performance as a member of the McNiel MMS community 

    8. Maintain attendance at McNiel Middle School.

    9. Members must sign up for the NJHS Remind
    *The national office does not hear appeals or render decisions for selection or dismissal.  All appeals must be filed at the local level.