• When membership obligations are not met:

    Students who have been unable to fulfill obligations of our NJHS’ Chapter are notified in writing that they are to be removed from membership.

    Withdrawl from McNiel MS NJHS:

    If a student withdraws from McNiel Middle School their membership is withdrawn from the McNiel MS Chapter of NJHS, but may be transferred in accordance to other Chapters' rules of inclusion.

    Resignation of Chapter Membership

    Personal situations may change, and NJHS members could find themselves unable to fulfill the obligations of NJHS membership. In this situation, members have the option of tendering a letter of resignation instead of facing a disciplinary dismissal from the MMS Chapter.


    *Members are urged to meet with the NJHS sponsor(s) if they feel their situation may warrant resignation from NJHS; sponsor(s) will work with members to find ways to remain members in good standing.

    **Once a member is removed or resigns they are ineligible for membership in our chapter at a future date.
    ***The national office does not hear appeals or render decisions for selection or dismissal.  All appeals must be filed at the local level.