District Advisory Committee

  • The WFISD District Advisory Committee is a district-level committee that serves in an advisory role to the Superintendent in establishing and reviewing the District's: educational goals, performance objectives, major districtwide classroom instructional programs, pertinent federal planning requirements, annual improvement plan, holding one public meeting after receipt of the District performance report, student Code of Conduct, and appraisal process and performance criteria for teachers and administrators. 

    The committee is composed of 18 district employees and six non-District employees for a total of 24 members. Campus representatives are added on a rotating basis. The committee consists of the superintendent or designee, one district-level administrator, two campus-level administrators, thirteen teachers, one campus-based non-teaching professional staff member, two parents, two community members, and two business representatives. 

    Below are the members of the District Advisory Committee for the 2020-2021 school year. 

    Parents: Lacey Suarez and Dr. Dittika Gupta

    Community Representatives: Katie Halsell and Salman Farooq 

    Business Representatives: Steve Sims and Chris Cunningham

    Non-Teacher Professional Staff Member: Kathy Mickus (Hirschi)

    Campus Based Non-Professional Staff Member: Carla Burgess (McNiel)

    Campus Based Specialized Instructional Support Staff Member: Ashley Murdock (Franklin)

    Campus Administrators: Angie Betts (Franklin) and Cody Blair (Rider)

    District Administrator: Dayna Hardaway (Ed Center)


    Brett Batchelor - Jefferson

    Claudia Lopez - Lamar

    Janet Hughes - Booker T. Washington

    Sarah Chisum - Crockett

    Gloria Alexander - Farris

    Brenda Deleon - Sheppard

    Ferran Kaspar - Barwise

    Laura Checki - Kirby

    Susan Cotton - McNiel

    Anthony Newberry - Hirschi

    Alisha Crouch - Rider

    Renae Bates - WFHS

    Larry Krugle - CEC


    For more information about the District Advisory Committee, please reference BQA (Regulation).