Marzano High Reliability Schools

  • The Marzano High Reliability Schools program builds on 40 years of research to create a framework for action in K-12 schools. The Marzano structure helps WFISD schools coordinate – not replace – its many best-practices initiatives.

    The Marzano framework helps schools become reliably effective in creating and measuring a safe and collaborative culture (documented with a Level 1 certification), providing effective teaching that promotes student engagement (documented with a Level 2 certification) and delivering a guaranteed, content-appropriate curriculum (documented with a Level 3 certification).

    2015-16: Franklin Elementary (1), Southern Hills Elementary (1-2- 3), Zundy Elementary (1-2- 3)
    2016-17: Burgess Elementary (1), Crockett Elementary (1), Fain Elementary (1-2), Haynes Elementary (1), Lamar Elementary (1) , Milam Elementary (1)
    2017-18: Barwise Middle School, Kirby Middle School, Hirschi High School, Scotland Park, Booker T. Washington Elementary
    2018-19: Cunningham Elementary, Fowler Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Sheppard Elementary, West Foundation Elementary