• DIPPY: Digital Principal Project

    WFISD’s homegrown Digital Principal Project came on the heels of WFISD’s Digital
    Pilot Project that introduced game-changing technology into 42 classrooms three
    years ago. Now that teachers exhibited radical levels of technology prowess in
    their classrooms, principals needed the same skills, enthusiasm and vision. WFISD
    began sending principals to conferences to expose them to the world of
    technology. In turn, principals returned to their schools to fire up even more of
    their teachers to incorporate transformational technology strategies into their

    2015-16: Milam Elementary, Haynes Northwest Academy, Cunningham Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Fowler Elementary, Southern Hills Elementary
    2016-17: Fain Elementary, Franklin Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Barwise Middle School, Kirby Middle School, McNiel Middle School
    2017-18: Zundy Elementary, Hirschi High School, Lamar Elementary