• Burgess Elementary Dress Code


    Approved Styles

    • Collared, knit, buttoned polo
    • Golf style
    • Long sleeved
    • Short sleeved
    • Logos smaller than a quarter 

    Approved Colors

    • Any solid color
    • Burgess sponsored shirts
      • Field Day
      • Burgess T-shirts
      • Choir
      • WFISD sponsored shirts

    Not Approved

    • Camo
    • Sheer (see-through)
    • Sleeveless, halter, or tank tops
    • Striped
    • Plaid


    Outerwear: Sweatshirts, Jackets/Coats, Sweaters

    • Students are allowed to wear jackets, hoodies, and coats to school but not in class.  
    • Long-sleeved shirts that meet dress code requirements (thermal type) can be worn under an appropriate dress code shirt.


    Slacks, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, and Dresses 

    Approved Styles

    • Docker-style
    • Traditional Denim
    • Shorts (3 in. above knee)
    • Skirts (3 in. above knee)
    • Uniform dresses (3 in. above knee)
    • Logos smaller than a quarter


    Approved Colors

    • Any color

    Not Approved

    • Soccer slides
    • Jandals
    • Flip-flops
    • House shoes

    Hose/Tights, Belts

    • Hose/Tights: solid, single colors –no fishnet or designs
    • Belts: They are preferred but not required unless deemed necessary due to sagging by the administration

    Other Guidelines

    • Clothing can be no more than one size larger than the student’s measurements; nor may garment be too tight
    • Caps, hats, and head-coverings of any type (ex: bandanas) inside the building are not allowed.
    • No fake or drawn-on tattoos are allowed at school.
    • No piercings for males. Females are allowed to have pierced ears only. Visible piercings may not be covered up with bandaids and/or spacers.
    • T-shirts, hats, tattoos and other articles of clothing bearing word imprints, symbols, color combinations, or other recognized gang insignia, articles of clothing, or uniforms will not be allowed.
    • Purses should be no larger than 12 inches. ALL purses will be left in lockers.

    Administration has final say in matters not addressed specifically in the dress code policy. See district guidelines for more district standards of dress, grooming, etc.

    Disciplinary consequences for dress code violations:

    • Students will receive conduct cuts, loss of privileges, detention, or possible ISS based on the number of infractions.
    • 1st Offense: Students will be given the opportunity to call a parent for a change of clothing.  After the first offense, they will be required to change into clothing provided by the Burgess Administration.
    • If a change of clothing is not brought within 30 minutes, students will be required to change into clothing provided by the Burgess Administration.