• Ben Franklin Elementary Dress Code

    Ben Franklin Elementary has adopted a standardized dress code for students.

    There is a uniform closet available to assist students with uniform needs.


    TOP Colors & Styles

    Any solid color polo-style shirt with a collar and sleeves.

    • Solid colored dresses with a collar and sleeves.
    • Small logos are acceptable (2in. by 2 in.)
    • Students may wear a solid color, long sleeved shirt underneath a Spirit or uniform shirt.
    • Sweaters or light jackets for classroom wear should be a solid color with no writing or pictures.
    • Pullover sweaters or solid color sweatshirts should be worn with a collared or Spirit shirt underneath.
    • Heavy coats or jackets will not be worn in the classrooms or other areas inside the school. 

    Spirit Shirts

    Ben Franklin Spirit Shirts can be worn any day of the week with a regular uniform bottom.

    Bottom Colors & Styles

    Colors include: brown, black, khaki, navy or gray

    Types: jeans, pants, shorts, cargo pants, cargo shorts, skirts, skorts and capri pants (all shorts and skirts must be fingertip length)

    Stretch pants, leggings, yoga pants and jogging pants are NOT allowed. Tights worn with shorts or skirts should be a solid color. No designs.

    Jeans may be worn any day with a Spirit shirt or uniform shirt. Holes, tears or rips are not allowed.


    Shoes should be appropriate for PE activities. Flip flops are not appropriate for school.

    If a student is out of dress code compliance, he/she will be sent to the nurse to change into dress code appropriate attire. Administration has the final say in matters not addressed specifically in the dress code.