• Barwise Middle School Dress Code

    Shirts  Style:

    • Collared shirt - long or short sleeved
    • Approved Barwise, WFISD High School, or college shirt
    • No see-through
    • No sleeveless shirts or halter/tank tops
    • Tucking in shirts is preferred but not required unless the shirt is too long as determined by the administration 
    • Logos must be smaller than a quarter; this includes logos on the sleeves of the shirt

    Slacks, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, and Dresses


    • Pleated/flat front docker-style slacks/pants/capris or traditional style denim jeans/capris
    • Plain Pants without holes, may not show skin
    • No leather, suede, or vinyl
    • Solid color, no patterns, no camo, no white pants
    • Slacks/pants must be worn at the waist and be properly hemmed or cuffed
    • Sagging pants/jeans, leggings or ‘jeggings’ (tightly stretched material) are not allowed as pants
    • Stretch material, wide-leg, velour material, or jogging/yoga style pants are not allowed
    • Shorts, skirts, and skorts length must be no more than 3 inches from the top of the knee in the front and back
    • Dresses/Jumpers must meet the same style, color, and requirements of both tops and bottoms
    • Wind shorts/pants, athletic shorts/pants, sweat shorts/pants are not allowed except in PE/Athletics class
    • No coveralls

    Shoes, Belts

    • Closed-toed shoes must be worn in Science Lab.
    • Tennis shoes must be worn during PE.
    • No slippers (houseshoes), flip flops, or combat boots
    • Belts are preferred but not required unless deemed necessary due to sagging by the administration


    • Hair is to be neat, clean, well-groomed and styled so that vision will not be obstructed 
    • Hairstyles and hair color that create a distraction are not allowed
    • No hair picks
    • No hats or head coverage
    • No bandanas

    Other Important Guidelines

    • Sweatshirt/Hoodies, lightweight jackets may be worn. Hoods are not allowed to be worn covering a student’s head in the school building.
    • Clothing or accessories with lettering, symbols or decorations that detract from the learning process or illustrate or promote alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, drugs, sex, vulgarity or violence either explicitly or by innuendo will not be allowed.
    • Students must comply with district standards for grooming and accessories as outlined in the student handbook. 
    • Clothing items cannot be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals contraband, or creates a distraction.
    • Bandana-print on any clothing item is not allowed.
    • Any tattoos of any type are to be covered. 
    • No spiked jewelry, large heavy pendants, hair picks, heavy chains, or large belt buckles may be worn. Safety pins may not be worn as decoration or piercings. No body art or drawing on skin.
    • Females/Males are allowed to have pierced ears and wear earrings.  (Males may only wear stud earrings). No other body piercings allowed. 
    • Ankle monitors should be covered by long pants. 
    • Backpacks only.  No fanny packs.

    All clothing, no matter if standardized dress or not, must meet WFISD dress code at all times. Dress code compliance will be checked daily. Students need to arrive to school each day in compliance with dress code. 

    Administration has final say in matters not addressed specifically in the dress code policy.