Specific Results

  • We will maximize human potential through a culture of high expectations.

    1.1 Establish, agree upon, and evaluate the expectations for all students and staff.

    1.2 Develop a culture of ownership by including all district staff and students.

    1.3 Utilize innovative and targeted methods for maximizing student and staff potential.

    1.4 Monitor and assess staff and student progress toward defined goals on a consistent basis.


    WFISD will ensure students engage in meaningful and relevant learning experiences that develop creative problem solvers.

    2.1 Demonstrate authentic learning by utilizing collaborative environments.

    2.2 Create and implement lesson plans that infuse skills from the learner profile into the content.

    2.3 Leverage resources for teachers to design relevant lessons that incorporate skills from the learner profile.


    We will build a collaborative culture to foster ownership and increase engagement.

    3.1 Implement 360 degree feedback for all stakeholders.

    3.2 Create structured opportunities for open dialogue.

    3.3 Increase student and staff engagement at all campuses.


    We will develop systems to identify and meet the physical, emotional, and social needs of students.

    4.1 Evaluate and adjust current systems that support physical, emotional, and social needs.

    4.2 Expand district provided services to address physical, emotional, and social needs.

    4.3 Recognize and support physical, emotional, and social needs through training.


    We will enhance pride and ownership in WFISD by increasing awareness and community outreach.

    5.1 Establish a partnership between WFISD and community to enhance positive perception of WFISD.

    5.2 Collaborate to expand platforms that promote the positive happenings in WFISD to improve and change community perceptions.

    5.3 Build relationships to encourage authentic and active participation by all stakeholders.