• Wichita Falls Independent School District 

    Regional Day School Program for the Deaf (RDSPD)

    Auditory Impairment

    A student with an auditory impairment is one who has been determined to meet the criteria for deafness as stated in 34 CFR, 300.8(c)(3), or for hearing impairment as stated in 34 CFR, 300.8(c)(5). The evaluation data reviewed by the multidisciplinary team in connection with the determination of a student’s eligibility based on an auditory impairment must include an otological examination performed by an otolaryngologist or by a licensed medical doctor, with documentation that an otolaryngologist is not reasonably available, and an audiological evaluation performed by a licensed audiologist. An audiological evaluation shall include a description of the implications of the hearing loss for the student’s hearing in a variety of circumstances with or without recommended amplification. Services are provided through the WFISD in a variety of settings when AI eligibility and an educational need have been determined for the Region 9 ESC area. Services are also provided ages 0-3 in collaboration with the Helen Farabee Center ECI Program when eligibility is met.


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    Susan D. Mayo, M. Ed

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