• Wichita Falls Independent School District Centralized Programs


    Special Centralized Programs



    Special Centralized Programs goal is to provide appropriate specially designed instruction to all students with significant disabilities. The staff will utilize diverse methods, strategies, and resources that are suited for each student according to the individualized education plan.


    Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE)

    Early Childhood Special Educaiton includes children 3, 4, and 5 years of age who have been identified as special education (non- speech only) through formal evaluations. ECSE classrooms are designed to provide early learning experiences to children with disabilities.


    The ECSE curriculum consists of developmentally appropriate activities in the areas of communication, cognition, fine motor, gross motor, self-help and social skills. All students will be actively engaged, following a classroom schedule in rigorous lessons that change to meet the developing needs of the children.  The activities are functional and focus on developing skills needed now and in the future.


    • Brook Village (4 year old classroom)
    • Cunningham (3 year old classrooms)
    • Cunningham (4 year old classrooms )
    • Farris (3 year old classroom)
    • Farris (4 year old classroom)


    Transitional Kidergarten

    The primary focus of transitional kindergarten is to provide instruction for students who have the prospective capability to transition from PPCD to a traditional 1st grade campus with supports. Transitional Kidergarten is a one year program. 


    The curriculum of TK is to provide learning experiences to assist students in gaining appropriate skills to integrate into the general education classroom and to employ appropriate behavior interventions to increase academic and behavioral success in the general education classroom.


    • Ben Milam Elementary


    Behavior Academic Support Environment (BASE)

    The primary focus of the Behavior Academic Support Environment is to provide academic and behavioral instruction for students with behavior that significantly interferes with their learning or the learning of others.


    The goal of the BASE program is to target problematic behaviors with research based interventions to allow students to eventually function effectively in the least restrictive environment. Students coping skills as well as behavior strategies are implemented to achieve this goal.


    • Fowler Elementary (Kindergarten-5th grade)
    • McNiel Junior High School (6th-8th grade)
    • Rider High School (9th-12th grade)


    Language Enriched Autism Program (LEAP)

    The primary focus of Language Enriched Autism Program is to provide instruction for students with autism that significantly impairs their academic and behavioral performance. The LEAP program only serves those students with the most severe form of autism.


    The curriculum focuses on direct teaching of functional communication to increase independence in self-help skills, academic performance, and target behavioral objectives. LEAP teaches prerequisite academic skills to gradually increase rigor of academic curriculum while analyzing behavior changes to create appropriate behavior plans that assist students in achieving success in the school setting.


    • Cunningham Elementary (ECSE)
    • Southern Hills Elementary (Kindergaten-2nd grade)
    • West Foundation Elementary (3rd-5th grade)
    • Barwise Junior High School (6th-8th grade)
    • Wichita Falls High School (9th-Age Out) --year-end of 22nd birthday


    Learning in a Functional Environment (LIFE)

    The primary focus of Learning in a Functional Environment is to provide functional, academic, and behavioral instruction for students with the most significant cognitive impairments. This program also serves students who are medically fragile.


    The needs of the students require a functional curriculum focused on the acquisition of daily living and vocational skills leading to a successful transition to adult life within the community. These multi-level classrooms provide instruction in practical academics, communication, community, domestic, leisure/recreation, and vocational skills utilizing a functional curriculum.


    • Cunningham Elementary (ECSE-5th grade)
    • Jefferson Elementary (Pre-Kindergarten-5th grade)
    • McNiel Junior High (6th-8th grade)
    • Rider High School (9th-Age Out) --year-end of 22nd birthday


    Regional Day School Program for the Deaf

    The RDSPD is a regional program designed to provide instruction for students with auditory impairments age 0-21 that impact the ability to acquire language, academic, communication and social skills. WFISD is the fiscal agent for the program through a Shared Service Agreement (SSA).  Students are served with varying degrees of disability from a mild to a profound hearing loss.  Services may include direct service within the WFISD, to include sign language interpreters, communication facilitators, speech/language skills, and auditory skills. Comparable services are also provided through Early Childhood Intervention (ECI – outside agency via contract) in the home or itinerant services throughout the Region 9 ESC area.


    The curriculum provides a total communication approach to ensure excellence and equity of educational experiences for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. RDSPD provides a student’s “voice” whenever they are unable to communicate orally within the educational setting through sign language interpreters or facilitators with professional staff and peers.

    ECI services will provide guidance for families as they navigate the process of communicating with and educating their child. The child may learn in a manner which is not the families’ first language (sign).

    Itinerant services will provide direct services for students, educate non-Deaf Education staff and provide support for other Shared Service Arrangement districts to educate students with hearing loss in their home communities.


    All WFISD campuses (itinerant),

    • Cunningham
    • McNiel
    • Rider
    • All Region 9 SSA districts and communities