• Booker T. Washington Elementary School Dress Code


    Style: Collared, knit, buttoned polo or golf style shirt – long or short sleeved. Booker T.
    Washington spirit t-shirts are allowed.

    Color: Any solid color, stripes, or plaid is allowed. No see-through (sheer).
    • Approved Booker T Washington spirit t-shirts are allowed
    • Sleeveless shirts and halter/tank tops are not allowed
    • Designated casual dress days – tanks tops with one inch or larger strap are allowed (weather permitting)

    Slacks, Pants, Shorts, Skirts, Skorts, and Dresses:

    Style: Pleated/flat front docker-style slacks/pants/capris/shorts or traditional style;
    jumpers/skirts made of the same material are allowed. *see below for length requirement
    • Jeans: blue/black denim jeans/capris/shorts, holes at a minimum *see below for details
    • Color: Slacks/Pants/Capris/Shorts/jumpers/skirts/jeans limited to Khaki (Shades of Brown),
      Navy, Black, Jean material; no patterns allowed; no other colors except what’s listed above.

    • All pants/skirts must be worn at the waist, and be properly hemmed or cuffed.
    • Sagging pants/jeans or ‘jeggings’ (tight, stretchy material) are not allowed
    • Stretch material, wide-leg, velour material, or jogging/yoga style are not allowed
    • Shorts, skirts, jumpers, dresses, and skorts length must be longer than the student’s longest finger when
    arms are straight down to the side in the front and back
    • Pants/jeans with minimal holes, frayed edges or slits of any type will not be allowed; administration will
    have final say if jeans are appropriate for wear

    Shoes, Socks, Hose/Tights, Belts:
    • Color (socks): Solid, single colors, or patterns. School appropriate.
    • Color (hose/tights): White, Navy Blue, Black, or flesh-tone (solid, single colors) – no fishnet or
    • Color (shoes): Tennis shoes, Brown or Black leather-like shoes (tie or loafer-type), brown or black boots (no para-military type boots), or sandals with heel straps
    • Belts: They are preferred but not required unless deemed necessary due to sagging of the
    • Light-up shoes are not allowed. Shoes that light-up will need to be turned off during school hours.
    • Athletic slides, flip-flops, house shoes, or sandals without a heel strap are not allowed.
    • Outerwear: Sweatshirts, Jackets/Coats, Sweaters
    • Students are allowed to wear hoodies and coats. All outerwear (winter coats) must be left in lockers.
    • Light jackets and sweatshirts are allowed in class as long as they are solid colored and do not have a logo
    bigger than a quarter. No patterns or designs. No hoodies or coats will be allowed to be worn in the

    • Hair is to be neat, clean, well-groomed and styled so that vision will not be obstructed.
    • Hair styles and hair color that create a distraction will not be allowed.
    • Hair must be of a natural color. Administrative discretion.
    • No carved designs, etchings or cut-ins are allowed

    Hair color, carved designs, etchings or cut-ins will only be allowed as an incentive under administrator’s

    Other Guidelines:
    • Leather, suede, and vinyl are not allowed except for coats which must be left in lockers.
    • Spandex, nylon, or stretch-type materials are not allowed.
    • Clothing can be no more than one size larger than the student’s measurements; nor may
    garment be too tight
    • Caps, hats, and head-coverings of any type (ex: bandanas) inside the building are not
    • Cover-all pants, shorts, or jumpers are not allowed.
    • Wind shorts/pants, athletic shorts/pants, sweat shorts/pants are not allowed.
    • Student must comply with district standards for grooming and accessories as outlined in
    the student handbook.
    • Clothing items cannot be worn in any way that reflects gang affiliation, conceals
    contraband, or creates a distraction.
    • Clothing that is torn, tattered (has frays), or has holes is not permitted. Clothing should
    be properly hemmed.
    • No fake or drawn-on tattoos are allowed at school. No spiked jewelry, large heavy
    pendants, heavy chains, or large belt buckles may be worn. Safety pins may not be
    worn as decoration or piercings.
    • Males/Females are allowed to have pierced ears only. Visible piercings may not be
    covered up with Band-Aids and/or spacers.
    • T-shirts, hats, tattoos and other articles of clothing bearing word imprints, symbols, color
    combinations, or other recognized gang insignia, articles of clothing, or uniforms will not
    be allowed.
    • Purses should be no larger than 12 inches.


    Administration has final say in matters not addressed specifically in thedress code policy.

    See district guidelines for more district standards of dress, grooming, etc.